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6 Weeks to Badass Arm Balances (Series)

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Join us for a powerful mat-based series designed to transform your arm balance practice (a different kind of "flight!) For six weeks, we will move through progressively more challenging arm balances while building the core and upper body strength necessary to safely land them. Each class will start with a warming flow, strength based drills and workshopping 1-2 arm balances with time allowed for play and feedback from Elissa. Experienced flyers and those new to arm balances totally welcome! Note: while it's not required that you attend "live" (we will send a replay link following class each week), we definitely recommend it as it will allow you the chance to get feedback on your form and troubleshoot your postures.

Week 1
Crow, side crow, baby crow

Week 2
Eka pada Koundinyasana 1 & 2

Week 3
Elephant trunk pose

Week 4
Flying pigeon

Week 5
Tripod headstand at the wall
Headstand at the wall

Week 6
Transitions & linking of arm balances (ie: transitioning from crow to chaturanga , side crow to eka pada koundinyasana 1, tripod headstand to crow, etc.)

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