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Exploring Inversions Virtual Course

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In this seven week series with Alexandra, we’ll investigate the upside down. Inversions can bring about clarity, confidence and strength. They can also be scary, vulnerable and exciting. We will explore a variety of inversions as well as entrance and exit strategies as we make space for all of these feelings and experiences.

Each class will begin with a warm up designed to cultivate strength and flexibility. We need to be strong to get into and stay in our inversions, but we must be flexible with not only our bodies but our expectations. We will utilize the wall, blocks and blankets. Each week will build on the next as we bulk up our muscle memory so that we can try different types of inversions.

Inversions take time and practice! Your body not only needs to build muscular strength but also learn to reorient itself and remain calm. We want you to walk away from this practice not necessarily with any perfect postures, but with the confidence that you have a toolbox available to pursue inversions. Strengthening homework is strongly encouraged and exercises will be given in class.

Please take care of your body! For example, if you know that you have neck or spine issues or injuries, headstands might not be something you choose to explore. Use good judgement and listen to your instinct if you think you are in harm’s way. Not every inversion works well in every body, and not every inversion must be “conquered” just because it is presented in class. If something doesn’t work today, maybe you decide to try it next year, but because you took this course, you know where to start your exploration.

Course Schedule

Week 1:

Upside down - where is it, and why
Down dog/dolphin/shoulder stand/donkey up

Week 2:

Handstands/donkey ups/hips over shoulders freestanding
Wall utilization - handstand, L-stand strengthening
How to fail out of an inversion safely. What is your exit strategy?

Week 3:

Flow with inversions
Continuation of wall work and strengthening
Inversions with movement on the mat - monkeys

Week 4:

Flow with inversions
Headstands and core work
Egg stand/tripod

Week 5:

Flow with inversions
Headstand/Handstand strength building in shoulders + core

Week 6:

Flow with inversions
Forearm balances

Week 7:

Flow with inversions
Cumulative practice of inversions explored

In addition to live streaming via Zoom, we will upload replays to an easy to use on-demand format following each session, so no worries if you're not able to attend all sessions live. (Though, if you're able to attend live we definitely recommend it as it's a great opportunity to have your questions answered and get feedback on your poses!)

About the instructor:

Alexandra is a dancer, yogi and apparatus enthusiast. Her classes are built around the joy of movement and finding the boundary between ease and excitement. She was classically trained as a dancer at University of Idaho and American Dance Festival and completed her 200 hour instructor training at the alignment-focused Seattle Yoga Arts. She loves infusing her practice with creative movement and plenty of inversions.

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