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Special Focus Series: Flexibility

$210Purchase required to enroll
Are you craving more openness in your body and looking to add some playfulness to your aerial yoga practice? Join Alexandra for this six-week series and explore new shapes and sensations as you reach greater heights in your flexibility. Suitable for students comfortable taking Level 2 (Flow Flight/Flexibility Flight) and up. Expect skill and flexibility progression from one week to the next with fun tricks thrown in along the way.

In addition to your weekly class, Alexandra will also give you "homework" consisting of mat-based flexibility work using our on-demand virtual library (included in the course tuition.)

Members (including Virtual), use code SERIESVIP for 15% off your tuition.

If you would like to use a class pack or your monthly membership credits, you are welcome to use two "punches" for each of the series classes but must commit to the full series (these are not available as drop-in classes.) To register using a class pack or membership credits, email Jen at info@flightroomseattle.com.
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