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Mat Zen

$30 per classFrom $14 per visit with 20 Session Pass: Barre or Mat Yoga passNo purchase required to enroll Show full pricing
Single-visit price $30
Kids Flight $20 • 1 visit • Single session for Kids Flight Class

expires 90 days from purchase
1 Session (drop in): Barre or Mat Yoga $20 • 1 visit
1 Session Pass (drop in): All Classes $30 • 1 visit • Single Session Pass for 1 session
**Single session passes are non refundable and expire 90 days after purchase.
Kids 5 Flight Pass $89 • 5 visits • Valid for Kids Flight Workshop only
Valid for 6 months
5 Session Pass: Barre or Mat Yoga $95 • 5 visits
Beginner Intro Workshop Package $99 • 5 visits • Give Flight Room a try with a Beginner Intro Package for $99 ($20/class)

Included in this package is
- 1 Express Flight Beginner Workshop (90 min detailed beginner workshop)
- 4 Group Classes of choice (60 min Group Classes)

This package is good for all beginner and intermediate level classes + expires 3 months from purchase.

This offer is for NEW students only who have not been to our studio in the past.

5 Session Pass: All Classes $119 • 5 visits • 5 Session Pass
10 Session Pass: Barre or Mat Yoga $175 • 10 visits
10 Session Pass: All Classes $199 • 10 visits • 10 Session Pass
20 Session Pass: Barre or Mat Yoga $280 • 20 visits
NEW Student One Week Unlimited $30 • Unlimited visits for 1 week • This offer is only open to students new to the studio. One week period begins on the date of purchase.

Following your week trial, you will have the opportunity to opt into our VIP membership at a great rate.
Light Membership 3 classes per month $39 every month • 3 visits per Month • 3 classes per month.

(this is a monthly autopay package)

Unused visits do not roll over into the next month
Limited Time Offer: $69/month for Unlimited Barre & Yoga Vibe(rate) $69 every month • Unlimited visits
Frequent Flyer Membership $96 every month • 8 visits per Month • 8 classes per month.

NEW Student 1mo Flight™ Trial $109 • Unlimited visits for 1 month • New students must complete 6 beginner level classes before attempting advanced classes Power Flight + Play Flight.

Pass begins on day of purchase
Express Flight and Workshops not included
This is a 1 month unlimited access pass for those who would like the opportunity to try many classes over the course of the month.
This pass does not automatically renew.

If you decide you love it as much as we do and want to continue into a VIP Flight Membership we will give you the first month for the same price ($109).
Full access memberships are recurring monthly payments with a minimum of 3 months commitment.
Memberships must be activated by email to get a promo code within 4 days after the end of your New Student trial month to receive the first month at the discounted rate.
Each month after will be the regular price of $129/mo

This offer is for NEW students only who have not been to our studio in the past.
VIP Membership $129 every month • Unlimited visits • Pass begins day of purchase and automatically renews on the same day each month.

1 Mo Unlimited Flight™ Pass (pay as you go) $159 • Unlimited visits for 1 month • Not ready for a commitment?

Pay as you go Monthly Unlimited with no commitments month to month.

Pass begins day of purchase
Yogaaaaaaaahhh...Drawing from restorative yoga, yin yoga and breath work, this yummy class will guide you deeply inward as you completely surrender into bliss. Poses are held for 5-10+ minutes to invite you to let go of stress and to build up a reservoir of inner strength. Each class invites students to explore the use of supportive props, aromatherapy, massage and other healing modalities. A long savasana in the hammock is a true treat that will help you to completely let go.

Note: with the exception of final savasana, this is not an aerial class. Please bring a yoga mat. Since we won't be building internal heat, you may want to bring a sweatshirt to keep you cozy.